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  • Cable TV Hong Kong (Hong Kong Cable/HKCTV), previously known as Wharf Cable before October 1998, is owned and operated by i-CABLE Communications Limited.
  • Alternative form of cable television
  • Cable television is a system of providing television to consumers via radio frequency signals transmitted to televisions through fixed optical fibers or coaxial cables located on the subscribers property, much like the over-the-air method used in traditional television broadcasting (via radio


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horn cable tv live

2nd life

2nd life
I have seen this tower from far away for most of my life. It is an ungainly form on a prominent hill, bisecting an otherwise perfect treeline. Its lattice work tower, and array of horns and dishes are made all the more appealing by a perfect creamsicle paint scheme. From my perspective, it begins the day as a spindly silhouette, the sun rising from behind, and becomes a beacon of orange as the waning day bathes it in the warm light of a setting sun. Having accepted its existence at a young age, it has only been recently that I have wondered about its purpose. Turns out that about the time I was hitting adulthood, this seemingly Escherian monument was gasping for its last breaths of relevance.

As Part of the AT&T Long Lines tower network, this installation represented a vital link in the chain of information flow for a post world war II United States. Not just for use by the government, these high-rise beacons received and relayed on microwave signals that brought long distance Telephone and live TV broadcast to a nation hungry for access to information. It is hard to comprehend this desire in the internet age.

The towers themselves were built to withstand a nuclear blast nearby as 5 miles, while the electronics are housed at the base inside an even more hardened building, protecting the critical electronic components from EMP.

Before the age of fiber optics, cable TV, and cell phones, many of us can thank the folks who designed and built these towers for the ability to call our loved ones across the country, or watch a live broadcast of Monday Night Football, the Olympics, or a Presidential address.

If you pay attention, you will notice these towers still stand in many places. Usually on a high hill or tall building. At 50 years old or more in many cases, they are taking on a second life. You will notice cell phone antennae now being added to the array of microwave apparatus.

"Communications is the foundation of democracy" was an AT&T motto back in the time these towers were built. Who knows if the designers could envision the demand for information that would eventually push their then cutting-edge technology out of service. Incredible to think that they are still serving their purpose in a new way after all this time. I like to think that this is at least partly due to the mindset and dedication on which they were conceived and established.

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Watch cable tv While you dry
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